All's well that ends


Thorgrim has departed for parts unknown. While the rest of the party relaxes and recuperates in Fallcrest, Magnus is away on a religious mission.

As Gyani, Uriondir, and Gideon are spending another evening in the taproom of the Nentir Inn when in walks Nathan Faringray, Captain of the Fallcrest City Guard. “Are you the Heroes of Winterhaven?” he asks. He then explains that a nettlesome group of Gnolls have been attacking local merchants but he can’t spare any of the city guard to go take care of them.

The next morning the party sets out to find the gnolls. However, before they leave town a young child gives Gyani a message on paper.

It doesn’t take long to find the gnolls; the party simply follows the tracks leading away from a burning merchant wagon. After scouting the area, our heroes find a single opening in the side of a hill below the ruins of a tower. With confidence, the party enter the crypt.

Three claw fighters and an ultimately ineffectual sand trap provide little challenge if a bit nerve-wracking. The next room, though, is full of sarcophagi, gnolls, and hyenas. Our heroes are quickly overwhelmed, so they judiciously retreat to regroup.

After discussing their options, Uriondir and Gyani return to Fallcrest to hire some help. Gideon stays behind to keep an eye on the gnolls. After a couple days, Gyani and Uriondir return with Lily, a mysterious human fighter. They head back in and are able to prevail against the second room of gnolls. Judicious use of a stinking cloud spell really helped, of course.

The third room initially starts out well, with Gyani pummeling the Gnoll Demonic Scourge early and the melee types beating up on him quickly. However, before the party can turn their attention to the three archers who are turning Uriondir into a pincushion, a Grell rises from the pit in the middle of the room and begins to attack.

Lily is grabbed first by the Grell and dropped into the pit, apparently to her doom. A sleep spell from Uriondir is able to take out one of the archers. The Grell alternates grabbing Gyani and Gideon, but each keeps escaping before the Grell can do anything worse. It’s looking bad for the party when Lily climbs out of the well and takes on the archers.

But the Grell is very difficult to bring down, and it succeeds in grabbing Gyani and poisoning him with its bite. Now on the threshold of death, Gyani is dropped into the well. With the archers gone, the rest of the party can concentrate on this abomination from the deep. They are able to prevail, although Lily is nearly killed again.

They are too late.

Gyani is dead.



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