Descent to the Second Level

Hobgoblins, hobgoblins...and a giant deadly statue?

Magnus seemed more himself.

Our heroes made their way out of the maze and found a secret door to an apparently empty chamber. It was not all it seemed however. An illusory wall hid four zombies intent on eating our heroes’ brains. Unfortunately (for them) our heroes were up for the challenge and dispatched them quickly. They then needed to solve a riddle posed by a magical plaque. They were able to get the answer in two tries.

After that, the party descended the stairs where they were confronted by hobgoblin guards that demanded a password. Sadly, our heroes were taken in by a letter found on Ninaran, Kalarel’s spy, and gave the wrong response to the challenge. The hobgoblins immediately attacked, knowing the party for intruders. They also released their pet, a Deathjump spider, which pinned Gyani to the ground. The battle went well, except one hobgoblin was able to escape and bring reinforcements.

The heroes were hard-pressed by this second force, but were able to prevail. Wounded and short of spells, they retreated up the stairs to the hidden armory and rested.

Refreshed, they once again descended the steps to the dungeon’s second level and made their way deeper into the hobgoblin areas. Gyani tripped a trap which caused a portcullis to block their path. The party retreated back to the stairs but were pursued by more hobgoblins, including their warchief. Another battle ensued, with the party showing cunning and guile in defeating the hobgoblins.

Rewarded with a chest full of gold and a magical short sword, the party moved deeper into the dungeon, away from the hobgoblins’ torches. They eventually made their way to a large room with three hazards: A giant statue of a warrior with plate armor and a huge sword, two dragon statues that breath pure force, and cherubs that fill a trap of magical walls with water.

The giant statue swing its sword several times, knocking a few of our heroes to the ground. Gyani was able to disable the giant statue, but the dragon statues have so far eluded his (and Gideon’s) skill. Magnus and Thorgrim have become trapped between the magical walls and the water from the cherubs’ vases shows no sign of stopping.

And that is where we leave our heroes. Can Gyani and Gideon stop the dragon statues (or at least get away from them)? Can Magnus and Thorgrim destroy the vases dispensing water, and will that stop the trap? Will Uriondir figure out how to help?

We’ll find out next time.



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