Gleaming the Cube

Statues, then more undead, then getting eaten

Magnus and Thorgrim again didn’t seem themselves.

After seeing Magnus and Thorgrim trapped behind the magical wall and the water rising, both Uriondir and Gideon Fey Stepped beyond the wall to help, leaving Gyani to deal with the dragon statues. Whether due to luck or his stature, the dragon statues’ breath kept missing the halfling, and he was able to disable one of the traps.

Meanwhile, the water has gotten above Thorgrim’s head and begun forming a whirlpool, buffeting those trapped inside. It doesn’t take long for the group to destroy the vases spewing the water, which frees them from the trap. After dealing with the final dragon statue, the party rests briefly before heading back toward a set of doors they had bypassed earlier.

A long, uninterrupted corridor ends with a pair of double doors boarded with a sign saying “Closed”. This is naught but an invitation to our heroes, who tear the sign down and enter. They find more corridors with rather clean floors. Further in, the room opens up and contains four more sarcophagi. Two are empty and, when the party turns to investigate a door on the other side of the room, the other two slam open disgorging two Corruption Corpses. Battle ensues and the undead are quickly dispatched, with Gyani being covered in necrotic filth.

Heading back up the corridor the party is surprised by a Gelatinous Cube! Thorgrim and Gideon are quickly engulfed. The mindless monster continues to attack and digest the party. Gyani even comes close to death! But, in the end, they prevail. But the party is wounded and weary, so they find a defensible room and hole up for the night.

The next day (or night; who can tell underground?) the party returns to the chamber of statues but the traps have not been reset. The eerie feelings the party has noticed the entire time they’ve been here are deeper than ever.

They open the next set of doors and are greeted by the stench of rotting flesh. That and a horde of zombies, a ghoul, and a homunculus. The zombies are dispatched easily, but the ghoul and the homunculus less so. In fact, the homunculus flees when almost all of the zombies are dispatched, presumably to warn its master. Rather than chase it, the party finishes off the undead, then searches for treasure, finding a Bag of Holding with some coins within.



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