Horned Hold - Conclusion

Murkelmor’s Chamber

After defeating the enemies and freeing the prisoners (two of which turned out to be missing that the group was seeking) the group pressed on. Upon entering the next chamber they were confronted with two choices, left and right. After some discussion the party decided left. Omac and Magnus first listen at the door before entering. The party does not surprise the people inside but do seem to walk in on a heated discussion between Murkelmor and his wizard. Battle ensues with the party taking out the guards and caster but Murkelmor escapes through the fireplace in his chamber. The party hearing screams of fright from the prisoners give chase; even landing a few passing blows but not enough to stop Murkelmor before run down the corridors beyond.

The party decides not to give chase abandoning the prisoners they had just freed. After doing a quick search of Murkelmor’s chamber turns up little. Before the party can decide what to do next the door opens with a loud voice crying out in outrage!

South Gate

The party, some of whom are still with the prisoners run back and Uriondir starts things off with a well-placed sleep spell! Omac and Aidan are able to corner the Ogre into the fireplace while Magnus and Uriondir take down the rest of the enemies. During the fight the sounds of someone coming down the hallways just beyond the chamber at heard.

Western Guard Gate

The party array themselves out of site, beyond cover or poised by the door ready to strike! Duergar burst through the door and the battle is once again joined. Things are going okay until Murkelmor and his wizard join the battle. Omac, trying some fancy moves, takes the brunt of Murkelmor’s wrath and goes down. Things are not looking good with all healing powers used and more enemies still standing than there should be until Gideon wades into the room. Cutting into Murkelmor with repeated vicious blows the party is finally able to prevail and even take Murkelmor’s wizard as a captive.

After an extended rest in which Omac recuperates the party question the captive and persuade them to help lead the party along with the freed prisoners back to the Seven Pillared Hall.

Pack Attack

After letting the captive wizard go once confident they can make the rest of the journey to the Seven Pillared Hall unaided the party is set upon by a pack of jackals. These prove to be no match for the fully-rested party and they are able to safely escort the prisoners to the Hall where they make arrangements to have them taken care of and sent back to their home. They are also able to complete their quest to recover the skull sceptre for Gendar in exchange for their reward.



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