Into Thunderspire Labyrinth

Who's the new guy?

In Riverdown, a small village in the Harkenwold, five villagers relax after a long day of slaughtering animals and smoking meat in preparation for the long winter ahead. The sun has set, and a cold wind blows in from the north. The men’s conversation is interrupted by a commotion outside. There is the smell of smoke and a child’s scream, along with shouting and and the sound of something…inhuman.

Rushing outside, the men are confronted by a band hyena-like humanoids who communicate in bark/laugh yelps. They are burning homes and stealing villagers. Those that cannot be subdued are killed, brutally. Grabbing their butchering implements, the men attempt to mount a defense and protect their neighbors. They fight valiantly but, eventually, they are overwhelmed and taken or killed. The village of Riverdown is no more.

Some time later, Uriondir and Gideon are perusing the wares in Naerumar’s Imports. Orest Naerumar himself approaches Uriondir to ask a favor. A merchant by the name of Gendar in a place called the [[Seven-Pillared Hall]] has an item that Naerumar needs for a client. Unfortunately, Naerumar cannot travel to the Seven-Pillared Hall himself to complete the transaction with Gendar nor can he trust any of his employees with the task. Would Uriondir take care of this for Naerumar? It would need to be done discreetly and, of course, Naerumar would pay a small fee in appreciation. Uriondir tentatively agrees and goes to discuss with the rest of his companions.

Meanwhile, Magnus has returned and has met Aidan, who introduces himself and delivers the letter he has been carrying for Magnus. The letter from Sister Linora is full of portent: Slavers from the Bloodreaver clan have taken a dozen villagers from Riverdown, one of the villages of the Harkenwold. This is doubly troubling for Magnus, since he was living in a different village of the Harkenwold when it was similarly attacked, but he was away at the time.

It is at this point that Uriondir and Gideon return. After greeting Magnus, they explain the offer by Naerumar. Magnus tells them about the contents of the letter and introduces Omac, a monk from parts unknown. The story of why Omac is traveling with Magnus is a bit of a mystery.

Shortly after, a wounded human rushes through the front door. Grievously wounded, he proclaims that he is searching for the “Heroes of Winterhaven”. Magnus hurries to his aid. This is Haldir, the same tracker Sister Linora mentioned in her letter. He confirms the information in the letter. He was able to track the Bloodreavers to the entrance to Thunderspire, but they ambushed him and he barely escaped.

The next day the party sets out, with Haldir leading the way to the entrance to Thunderspire. Unwilling to go further, Haldir opts to stay with one of the local shepherds while our heroes enter the Labyrinth. There are many branching tunnels, but the path is clear. After a short time, they discover a group of hobgoblins threatening a halfling. The party intervenes and makes quick work of the hobgoblins. The halfling is Rendil Halfmoon, and he is quite grateful to be saved. He offers to take the adventurers to his family’s Inn. He also provides some information about the Bloodreavers.

Uriondir is able to complete the transaction with Gendar without incident. Additionally, Gendar suggests to Uriondir that he return tomorrow, as he might have “something” for a group of adventurers. The party also talks to Ulthand Deepgem, whose pet boar has gone missing, while the dwarves she was with were slaughtered.

In the morning, there is no sign of Gendar, so the party departs through the Dragon Door toward the Chamber of Eyes, where the Bloodreavers are known to keep their headquarters.

Along the way, our party meets up with a group of undead, who attack immediately. They are quickly dispatched, however.

But what awaits our heroes in the mysterious Chamber of Eyes?



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