Mirror mirror on the....oh crap we all died

This adventure opens with the the party once again in the Seven Pillared Halls and once again with a few new faces:

Alek and Thalia have been subjected to a horrible and disgusting magical accident in which they combined into one and henceforth known only a Thalia and all such history being lost in the threads of time. Thalia introduced herself telling everyone her deep secret that she was in fact possessed by a powerful and angry primordial spirit. The party for some reason decided to accept such an insane and possibly dangerous member into the group perhaps simply due to their desperate need for people who are willing to stand up front and have large evil creatures swing away at them.

Aidan took his leave from the party to return to his pious studies at a place he heard was perfect for this study, and thus he set off in search of castle Anthrax. In Aidan’s place appeared Leroy the journeyman bard, seeking to create new and heroic stories to further his bardic education apparently seeking truth in his story telling instead of the more wise path of simply making up good stories from the comfort of the inn.

Another new face appeared before the party asking for membership. Reed the rogue, apparently on the lam seeking to distance himself from his many debts asked to be added to the group. Once again the party to decided it couldn’t hurt to have another halfling rogue in the group…perhaps hoping to keep him around in case any more halfling loving grells show up.

Quickly the party set out to….wonder about the city and talk to various people about what, they weren’t quite certain. Eventually they ended up in Brug the ogre’s tavern talking to him and various unsavory patrons. After a bit of time chatting various patrons they learned that they needed to head to the well of Demons! It was then they remembered….they had just come from the well of Demons and they had planned to go back, so they set of to return to the halls immediately!

Upon entering the Well of Demons they found that surprisingly none of their slain enemies had been moved in the time they had been gone perhaps they to were spending time in the Seven Pillared Halls. Starting off searching the parts of the dungeon they had not yet searched they quickly found a lively fight in the form of Gnoll priestess and a demon. The valiant heroes slayed the evil creatures with some ease and found themselves facing a pair of tieflings asking to make a deal. After some discussions the party sent the pair on their way and set about searching their newly secured dungeon hall. The quickly found a tome upon a newly destroyed alter (Thalia’s work) and took it with them hoping it would prove to be more than a tawdry romance novel.

Searching the dungeon further the party ran into a a trio of ghosts who asked the party to prove their worth before them. After a bit of fumbling about a the party eventual convinced the ghosts that they could be trusted and the ghosts imparted their knowledge of the dungeon that lay before them before disappearing and leaving the party to do their best.

After a bit more fumbling about the party found themselves in a hall of mirrors. The party not sure how to process followed their normal course and set about charging forward and smashing mirrors as best they could…unfortunately it would seem that the mirrors could fight back and the party quickly found themselves stuck in an inescapable oubliette. This not before giving Uriondir a chance to singe some halfling. The party stuck within this oubliette found that they had no chance of leaving and facing a horrible death stuck there for the remainder of their lives quickly went insane. Uriondir changed his name to Lightning’L’Apple….or something like that, Thali started eating raw gnoll, and various other shenanigans occurred which the party agreed to never speak. Doom then fell upon them all.

A god looking upon this situation decided that this just wouldn’t do and sent them help in the form of a group of gnolls who set them free…..for what reason we will never know as they were quickly cut down and the party set forth back into the dungeon secure in the fact that they were invincible or at least terribly lucky.



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