To the Chamber of Eyes

Big die for the big guy

(Magnus was very quiet. So was Uriondir, at first.)

The wandering undead were easily dispatched and did not dissuade our adventures from continuing. Very quickly they found the Narthex for the Chamber of Eyes. Hearing voices beyond the double doors, the party climbed up the wall to the balcony overlooking the room and snuck through the back door. In this way they were able to surprise a bugbear and four goblin guards. Moving quickly, they dispatched the bugbear quickly. Seeing their sergeant fall, and so quickly, the rest of the goblins bolted further into the abandoned temple, apparently to get help.

Expecting reinforcements any minute, the party rushed through a door across the hall. There they found a mysterious pool. After waiting for reinforcement that never came, our heroes delved further in, away from the directions the guards had run. In so doing, they surprised a group of hobgoblins, goblins, and humans drinking and gambling raucously. Again, the adventurers acted with deadly efficiency as they killed the hobgoblins and goblins. One of the human bandits was able to escape, but the other was captured.

Their prisoner was cooperative but didn’t know very much. He told them what he knew and the party reluctantly released him. But he did confirm that these guys were the slavers the party was looking for.

Heading back to the other part of the dungeon, the party entered what apparently used to be a shrine to some toad god, but was now being used as a holding pen for slaves. No slaves were in evidence now, but a dire wolf, two hobgoblin archers and a goblin guard were waiting for them. At its first opportunity the goblin ran out of the room, apparently to get reinforcements. This was borne out when Krand, the chief, entered the room a few minutes later through a secret door. He was followed soon after by a hobgoblin Warcaster who came through another door, then two duergar and the four guard from the initial encounter entered through the doors behind the party.

It was a long battle, but the party was never in much danger. Uriondir was trapped by two opponents for a time, until he remembered his Fey Step ability. Omac came dangerously close to death, but Aidan used healing magic and the monk immediately rejoined the fight.

After defeating the entire crew of Bloodreavers in the Chamber of Eyes, our heroes found a letter which was a contract to purchase the Riverdown slaves for 1,000 gold pieces. It is signed by Murkelmor Grimmerzhul, dated two days prior. With that, the party returned to the Seven-Pillared Hall to gather more information.



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