Gyani Brightstar

Your friendly neighborhood halfling rogue with a love of rivers....


Name: Gyani Brightstar

Race/Class: Halfling Rogue

Level: 3

Size: Small

Height: 3’11”

Weight: 81 lbs

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Alignment: Unaligned

Deity: Sehanine

Hit Points: 34

AC: 17

Speed: 6

Fortitude: 13

Reflex: 18

Will: 14

Passive Insight: 16

Passive Perception: 16

Languages Known

  • Common
  • Dwarven
  • Draconic
  • Eleven
  • Goblin

Racial Features:

  • Bold – +5 to saving throws versus fear
  • Second Chance – use second chance as an encounter power
  • Nimble Reaction – +2 AC against opportunity attacks


  • Linguist – +3 Languages known
  • Skill Focus: Stealth – +3 bonus to Stealth checks

Class/Path/Destiny Features

  • First Strike – at encounter start, get combat advantage against enemies that haven’t acted yet.
  • Artful Dodger – add charisma mod to AC against opportunity attacks
  • Rouge Weapon Talent – damage die increase one size with shuriken, +1 with daggers
  • Sneak Attack – once per round, if you have combat advantage and hit with a crossbow, light blade, or sling, deal extra damage


At Will

  • Disheartening Strike
  • Piercing Strike

Encounter Powers

  • Second Chance
  • Dazing Strike
  • Second Wind
  • Enforces Threat

Daily Powers

  • Pommel Smash

Utility Powers

  • Double Take


  • 4 Daggers
  • Adventurers Kit
  • Leather Armor
  • Short Sword
  • Sling
  • Sling Bullets (37)
  • Flask (empty)
  • Sun Rods (3)
  • Lantern
  • Oil (1 pint)
  • Pouch, belt (empty)
  • Shuriken (20)


Personality Traits

Happy go lucky, doesn’t hold many grudges, light on his feet, light sleeper (has a time staying alseep in loud places)


Neat but not overly so, have to live and work and not spend time keeping up my appearance. Loves knot work on most everything and rivers (river worker for a living).


His parents were both seafarers and worked the ocean to support their lives. When Gyani was young a boy they were out on the ocean when a shark attacked their small boat. His father lost his foot and Gyani was since afraid of the ocean, thus his moving inland to still work water but never wanting to go back to salt water again.

Gyani has indeed worked the Nentir River before, in fact many times going between Pangathia (furthest upstream), Fallcrest, Jafolgrin, and Kentland on the coast. I’ve never owned a boat of my own but have been working steadily to afford to make the investment. I’ve been working at this for a while; well I’ve again been working at this for a while. To explain this we need to look into my more recent past.

I used to work the river Qi which was the nearest river I could find after setting shore from the sea never to return. I was doing okay, making ends meet and wanted to do more than scrape by and actually earn a living working rivers. To do I really needed to own a boat of my own and not lease from one of the various companies operating between the trading hubs along the Qi. This is where the issue with Dorian, the person who hired me to lighten my load, came about. He promised me enough money to make this dream come true far sooner than I would have ever thought possible.

Kurt and Loria never had a clue about what was going on. They were both refugees fleeing a land that had taken his wife, Isabell, into slavery which ultimately would have killer so father, wife and daughter attempted to escape. Isabell never made it to the boat and father and daughter made their way to freedom scared, alone and both thinking they would make it. Dorian knew they were looking to get out, set a trap for Isabell and let father and daughter think they were going to get away, far enough away where nobody they knew was there, nobody would ask why a boat was carrying just too people and why a Halfling would be so happy to be doing so.

Dorian solved his problem of potentially encouraging others to have hope of escaping him, took care of those trying to currently do so and also bought for cheap an unknowing collaborator to slavery. This someone (Gyani) he could potentially tempt with more money, while also utilizing what he knew of past events as leverage against him when he wanted to get his way. Things did not go as planned for this, for Dorian or Gyani. Dorian had arranged the payment at the next town along the route after a set of rapids. This would make things easy for Gyani; hit both over the head, let them sink into the river and none would be the wiser. As I said, his conscience got the better of him talking and listening to Kurt and Loria, how both scared and relieved they were, how much the missed their mother and wife and about how they were going to try to pick up the pieces of what they had left and go on living.

Gyani confided in them what he had been hired to do, feeling terrible about the whole thing and hatched a plan of his own. In the same rapids he was to lose his passengers in he instead set the boat to crash after letting them off on the other side of the river. He took to the other side, thinking it best to avoid any chance of the two groups being caught together and set off cross country.

He knew over the hills there was another river system and thinking there would be other commerce, but having no true knowledge of this, just hoping – he set off. The journey overland was not easy (Halfling legs being shorter and all) he crossed hills, woods, spent many sleepless nights wary of any sounds and sought to put as much distance between him and those and could possibly know him or be looking for him. This is what brought him into the Nentir River valley and eventually into Pangathia. Here he set about making a new life.

While again working the river, now the Nentir, he had a layover in Fallcrest. The contractor had a merchant willing to pay more for the same boat which left Gyani with some free time. During his time working the river he made some passing friendships with other freelance river works. One was a fellow Halfling named Stu. Stu had spent more time in Fallcrest and had some knowledge of the comings and goings from town, that there were some Kobolds not too far away and that they had been preying on travelers between Fallcrest and Winterhaven. They thought it they were smart enough about it they could take what they had taken from others, split what they could find and set their own personal goals a little further at the same time.

They made their way to the lair they thought they had arrived unseen. Stu, being the more foolhardy and brash of the two thought it best to split their arrival so one could cover the other going in and come to the rescue of the other if something went wrong. Things were going swimmingly, no guards nobody in sight and after making it down the first level avoiding the traps on the first floor found an alter with the money load. Stu wanted to go further down in hopes of finding more. Gyani, not wanting to be a wet blanket agreed in principle but wanted to let Stu go first. This is where things went wrong. A patrol was returning and one was coming up from below at the same time. Stu never had a chance and was dragged below by the rising Kobolds while the descending pair trapped Gyani behind the alter while looking to have some fun with him.

This is where the rest of the party came in and seeing Gyani made their rescue and Gyani being grateful has stuck with them ever since.

Gyani Brightstar

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