In which the company meets and takes on a job
That's some glue!

Three would-be adventurers with wildly divergent backgrounds—a human cleric, a dwarven fighter, and an eladrin wizard who had been raised by elves—somehow simultaneously arrive at Teldorthan’s Arms in the town of Fallcrest.

Magnus is a simple cleric of Avandra, looking for the best chainmail armor he can afford. Thorgrim, the dwarf, has arrived with a letter of introduction from his father, Lorgan, who is an old friend of Teldorthan’s. It is unclear what is in the letter, but Teldorthan immediately accepts the young dwarf into his household. Uriondir, the eladrin wizard, is on some strange sort of vision quest. Teldorthan is dubious, but the mysterious letter seems to have made him generous.

Teldorthan mentions his missing cured green dragon hide and offers the job to the three newcomers. They head over to the Lucky Gnome Taphouse to seal the deal, along with Teldorthan’s two apprentice sons: Kreldan and Gordain. After a round of ales and a decent meal, Teldorthan and his sons take their leave to get back to work. He instructs the new adventurers to come by later and he’ll set up a cot for each of them for the night.

After the weaponsmith and his sons leave, three local toughs decide to make trouble. Uriondir makes quick work of them by using Sleep on two of them. The third picks up a bench and hits Uriondir with it, but to little effect. Magnus uses Cause Fear and the brawl was basically over.

The next day our new party heads out toward Kobold Hall. They find it easily on the second day, and descend the stairs under a trap door.

In the first room, a Kobold Slinger uses a Glue Shot on Thorgrim, holding him fast. Our intrepid heroes stumble over themselves trying to get into the room. Magnus is similarly glued to the floor but only briefly. Meanwhile, two Kobold Skirmishers emerge and come around a sludge-filled pit to attack Magnus, who is the only one able to do any damage so far. Thorgrim is held in place for what seems an eternity, but in reality was only five minutes. He was, however, able to use his throwing hammers effectively.

Using Cloud of Daggers and Lance of Faith, Uriondir and Magnus are able to wound their foes, but Magnus is hurt pretty badly. The Kobold Slinger, badly wounded, retreats from the room, probably to find help. Meanwhile, Thorgrim finally gets free, and between a well-time Sleep spell and Thorgrim’s mighty Maul, short work is made of the two Kobold Skirmishers.

After a brief rest and a fruitless search, the adventurers move past the open portcullis and follow the trail of blood down a set of stairs into a large room with some vandalized coffins and three more Kobold Skirmishers waiting for the party.

To be continued…


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